In a forensics laboratory, two bullets of identical shape, size and weight are fired from the same gun at the same target. They hit the target with the same velocity, but the impact meter attached to the target records substantially different readings. The impact meter is known to be working correctly. What, then, could be the cause of this difference in behavior?

3 Responses

  1. 1. Because when the second bullet hits the target, the target contains the first bullet embedded in it, thus resulting in a different impact.

    2. Or, when the second bullet hits the target, it is on a different planet – the entire laboratory was shifted to Mars. The second bullet has the same weight as the first bullet, but a different mass.

    3. The material of the bullets is not the same.

  2. #1 and #2 are valid, although i could have forstalled the former by using ‘mass’ intead of ‘weight’ in the puzzle statement.
    Let’s further explore #3 — if the shape, size and weight of the two bullets is identical, why would a difference in material make a difference to the meter readings?

  3. Could it be that although the shapes are the same when fired, but are not the same when they reach the target – maybe because its too hot around the target – so a bullet made of ice would start melting and produce lesser impact ?

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