Product Names

Ever wonder why so many products are named “anchor” but none named “handbrake” or “drag shute”? All three restrain movement of different kind of vehicles.

C005 Ashwathamas!

You have to know the Mahabharat to appreciate this one:

There are two kinds of Ashwathama’s in this world-   नरोवा कुन्जरोवा.

P-009 maximal subarray

Here is nice twist to an old problem:

Find the subarray with a maximal sum in a circular array of integers. Note the Array A[n] wraps around, so a subarray A[i,j] with i > j is also valid; one counts i, i+1, …, n, 1, …, j.

The first reaction is, why isnt A[1,n] maximal? But that doesn’t work because some elements may be negative integers.

See Also

C004 More Ad attacks

1. Turning a shortcoming into a virtue:

ADATTACK: A middle-aged woman gets a young man into her bedroom, gets his help in pushing her bed just under an air-conditioner, and then shows him the door. A voice extols the virtues of an AC that only cools the air near you.

ADDEFNSE: yeah, right. that works as long as you push your bed just under the AC. Looks like an underpowered conditioner whichever way you look at it.

2. Mumbo-Jumbo sells

ADATTACK: A simple ad for a fluorescent tubelight, but with a bold claim to cutting edge tech: “made with hydraulic technology”

ADDEFNSE: Wow, hydraulic technology! must be truly advanced! Like, they actually wash the tubes with water. Or use hydraulic jacks to lift them.