C004 More Ad attacks

1. Turning a shortcoming into a virtue:

ADATTACK: A middle-aged woman gets a young man into her bedroom, gets his help in pushing her bed just under an air-conditioner, and then shows him the door. A voice extols the virtues of an AC that only cools the air near you.

ADDEFNSE: yeah, right. that works as long as you push your bed just under the AC. Looks like an underpowered conditioner whichever way you look at it.

2. Mumbo-Jumbo sells

ADATTACK: A simple ad for a fluorescent tubelight, but with a bold claim to cutting edge tech: “made with hydraulic technology”

ADDEFNSE: Wow, hydraulic technology! must be truly advanced! Like, they actually wash the tubes with water. Or use hydraulic jacks to lift them.

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