C-007 India shiner

My son, who worked in MS for a few years, will appreciate this joke:

A: “I figured out what’s wrong with India: why we are tall on promises but short on delivery”

B: “let me guess – corruption?”

A:”No, it’s because India has had only PM’s ever since independence, but never Devs or Test!”

— If you didnt get the joke, try http://www.ticky-box.com/blog/?p=2210

One Response

  1. You are absolutely right , i am not a microsoftie but still this joke makes perfect sense to me.

    According to me some of the reasons may be —

    1. most IT companies in India pay peanuts to developers as compared to Managers. (Money is obviously the greatest motivational & essential factor)

    2. Coding is considered as a “shame” after ~ 4 years of exp. as unfortunately it falls under the lowest level of corporate hierarchy, because of #1.

    3. Many Technical Architects in India are nothing but Managers, because many of them dont like coding. Reason for this is #2.

    4. “Manager” is looked upon as a “boss” and not as a “function”.

    5. Indian Value system – a person who does the core ground level job is the least valued person.

    because of these reasons the joke is true not only for computer industry but every other industry in India.

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