Famous Places Mumbles #04


Everyone wore black.

Famous Places Mumbles #03


Here is a hint: Consider the plot line formed from a series of Hindi movie titles:


Ek Nari Ek Bramhachari, Shararat, Chaahat, Ladki Pasand Hai, Mere Sanam,

Pathhar Ke Sanam, Nagin, Do Raste, Bramhachari





Famous Places Mumbles #02


Do Traffic Lights Cause Accidents?

It may seem counter-intuitive that removing traffic control lights from road junctions would decrease road accidents AND at the same time reduce the time taken to go from point A to B.

But there seems to be data coming from the Netherlands and UK that this indeed seems to be true.

But I wonder if it will work in other countries such as India where many people anyway do not obey traffic lights nor road rules. Accidents at junctions may be typically non-fatal but traffic snarls are quite common.

Famous Place Mumbles #01

PL001Here is the first one. post your answers as comments.