They started with commercials, then sneaked in informercials, but today there seems to be a new category: misinfomercials. Of course, there was always untruth in advertising, but this article by a “correspondent” in Times of India’s Chill Zone of May 30 is worth reading for its tall claims (page 34). Here is a sample:

Blood transports oxygen to muscles for activities. Lack of oxygen in blood creates lactic acid, causing cramps. Water helps keep blood pumped up with oxygen.

Considering the associated picture of a desperate looking woman sloppily glugging water straight from an “Oxy-rich” mineral water bottle, it seems like a obvious attempt to pass off an advertisement as an article.

The gimmick of claiming extra dissolved oxygen in bottled water as being beneficial is so audacious that it simply leaves me, well,  oxygen depleted. The TOI article is a prime example of trying to gull a public suffering from innumeracy and lack of knowledge of how the body works. The truth is, a few milligrams of extra oxygen in the bottled water makes absolutely no difference.

The same level of illogic can be used to claim that since the body ages more rapidly from free radicals that need to be fought with antioxidants, drinking oxygenated water is actually bad for your health. For more information, visit these links:

Oxygenated water nonsense: Unless you have gills, it’s just an expensive burp!

Oxygen water: Are you being ripped off?

Super Oxygenated Water: Is It Any Better Than Tap Water?

Shame on you, TOI, for allowing such blatant misinformercials.

C-006 SMS

ADATTACK: A man sits in lotus positon by a beach. As he meditates, a  flying saucer  approaches and hovers over him.  A ray shoots down and levitates the  man into the flying saucer. As he rises, he gets an SMS on his mobile, “UFO sighted on Buxom Beach”. The message: Get breaking news on SMS.

ADDEFENSE: Humph- Delayed SMS delivery, as usual.

C004 More Ad attacks

1. Turning a shortcoming into a virtue:

ADATTACK: A middle-aged woman gets a young man into her bedroom, gets his help in pushing her bed just under an air-conditioner, and then shows him the door. A voice extols the virtues of an AC that only cools the air near you.

ADDEFNSE: yeah, right. that works as long as you push your bed just under the AC. Looks like an underpowered conditioner whichever way you look at it.

2. Mumbo-Jumbo sells

ADATTACK: A simple ad for a fluorescent tubelight, but with a bold claim to cutting edge tech: “made with hydraulic technology”

ADDEFNSE: Wow, hydraulic technology! must be truly advanced! Like, they actually wash the tubes with water. Or use hydraulic jacks to lift them.

C002 Ad Defense (2)

adattack: A boy takes a girl to a dam and cons her into thinking that when he snaps his fingers, the dam releases water. “We also build things somewhat like that” a voice in the background says proudly, while the boy is busy conning the girl some more.
addefense: i better stay away from these guys and the things they build.