Product Names

Ever wonder why so many products are named “anchor” but none named “handbrake” or “drag shute”? All three restrain movement of different kind of vehicles.

C001 Ad Defense

The aim of the adpredator is to coerce the viewer or reader into buying the product, or faling that, at least having positive thoughts about the product: to grab mindshare. You, as the adprey, need to defend yourself by maintaining a sceptical attitude. Deflect the chicanery!

Here are some examples of defending your mind against such adattacks:

Service Stations

The attack: An automobile ad shows a car driver searching for a service station in the boondocks. Amazing! there are service stations everywhere! Isnt that a great reason to buy the car?

The defense: Hmm, wait: what must be the quality of their car that they need to have so many service stations all over? Obviously, all these service stations must be doing good business.

Searching for Quality

The attack: A manufacturer claims being obsessed with quality for several centuries. Wow, with such a long-lasting obsession, must be a great product by now!

The defense: Several centuries? Come on! How many years should it take for a few smart people to get this done right?

Ads Have Bugs

In a sense, these are examples of design bugs in ads. Of course, bugs are everywhere. You may want to read more about bugs in my article in Network Magazine, Feb 2006.

(BTW did you spot the adattack in the previous paragraph? Ads are everywhere too!)