Croutons for Chicken Soup for the Soul

Well, I am unique, just like everyone else, and so is my life. But this post is about something else:  My Life is Average (MLIA) is a very interesting site. Here are some examples:

Today, I got an F, I really, really, dreaded getting an F but I knew it was inevitable. That’s just how Scrabble works sometimes, though. MLIA.

Today, my girlfriend told me on the phone that we were breaking up. I went outside and the signal improved. MLIA.

Today my step brother and I were arguing over who would do the laundry. We played rock, paper scissor and I lost. I found $10 in his pants. I win. MLIA.

Many of the “best of …” selections made me laugh out aloud.

It’s definitely worth visiting once in a while. Although a warning – it can be addictive – I started talking in MLIAlese after a single exposure.