Famous Places Mumbles #21



Famous Places Mumbles #20


A Hint: hint is multivalued in this instance

Announcing Sister Blogs!

 dmr->blog is being split up into specialized blogs. The original blog will continue for posting visual puzzles known as ‘Mumbles’.

Check out http://dmrpuzzles.wordpress.com. This one caters to puzzles with a Mathematics or Science flavor.

Famous People Mumbles #17


A Question That Should Not Be Asked In Interviews

Given a board that is n x n squares, where n is a power of 2, and that has one square removed from an arbitrary position, give an algorithm to completely cover the board with L shaped tiles made from three adjacent unit squares. An 8×8 board is shown in the figure; one removed square is shown in black; one L shaped green tile is placed on the board. Remember that the tiles can be placed in any orientation.