P-010 Tipping the Buckets

There are three buckets containing m, n, p integral units of water respectively. You can repeatedly perform the following step: transfer water from one bucket to another such that the amount of water in the other bucket is exactly doubled. For example, if m < n, transferring m units will result in the buckets containing m and n units ending up with 2m and n-m units. Each bucket has a sufficient capacity > m+n+p.
Show that it is always possible to get one bucket empty.

Note – this puzzle is harder than the older three bucket puzzle where the receipient bucket is to be filled to the brim.

P-009 Mutated Book Titles

Remember the fractured English sayings that had made the rounds some years back? There are several sites that list them (http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Games/Puzzles/Puzzle-OldSayingsReworded.html). In as similar vein, here are some mutated titles of well-known books – figure out the originals.

1. The half-dozen and one attires of extremely conservative nuns
2. Dual Computerized Tomography:A report
3. Arranging the termination of a derisive avian specimen.
4. A guide to obtaining increased dominance via conquered acquaintances
5. Chevy the craftsman ceramic and the deadly blessings
6. Display sidearm
7. His minor 43560 square feet
8. Space: a long prophesy
9. Croutons for the uppers
10. The sturdy juveniles
11. Peer of the Knells
12. D. tracheophyte comic drama
13. A review of unadultrated rationality
14. Organism and Void
15. Pteromerhanophobia
16. A century of social isolation
17. Wealthy sire destitute padre