Introducing Mumbles

Welcome to dmr->blog.

This site will host some of my visual puzzles known as Mumbles™.

What are Mumbles?

Mumbles are a restricted form of rebus (see Wikipedia entry on Rebus), where a set of visual images evoke a sequence of syllables that evoke the answer, especially when mumbled.

As an example of a mumble, a graphic with eight puppies can be read as “pup 8” i.e. puppet.

The second part of a mumble is the key: A phrase that should not allow the reader to guess the answer, but once the answer is found, the key confirms that the answer is indeed correct.

Mumbles do not allow “negative” elements, where some graphics are to be subtracted. For example, “arrow” – “rho” can be read as “are” — but this is not allowed in Mumbles.

Here is an example of a Mumble on a Computer Science related topic:


The letter on the leg is pronounced as “muh” as in “mother”.

Answer to TW-001: Two ring muh shin = Turing Machine. The clue is a reference to Alonzo Church (Church-Turning hypothesis).

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