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For many people, Life is a frenetic 24×7.  They are like a highly available service, responding to demands from neighbors, pets, children, parents, employer, government, etc … and of course they also raise demands on neighbors, children, …

Even a highly available service needs some maintenance. People can go to movies, meditate, … or they can solve my puzzles.

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  1. The theoretical / mathematical approach to life is a fact of life.
    But , as one of the respondents has commented, In India post retirement there are still kids who support there parents as against the Western Culture.
    I feel that also that with improving life standards and life expectancy, also comes the opportunity to continue work beyond 60, individual health permitting. This trend is catching up in India. There are many specialists who continue as consultants beyond 60 in many fields. The income may not be much but it helps you keep occupied, fit, and more than covers your needs which keep declining with age at the stage.
    The key really is in the challenge – to ensure not to get into into a situation where you still have a lot of responsibilities uncovered, desires unfulfilled, and insignificant investments, and savings, when you are close to retirement.

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